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Digital transformation is everywhere. It drives our lives and our interactions. Every organisation must digitise to remain relevant.

As a public sector organisation, you know external change is outpacing the internal rate of organisational change significantly. Increasingly, citizens measure your time to respond in hours and days – not weeks and months. People expect you to be agile and deliver quality into their lives. They want to interact digitally across all networks, and on all devices. Your services must be available at all times. You need a highly scalable platform that serves citizens now and in the future.


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Connect. Engage. Enhance Your Interaction

Citizens expect you to treat them as people, not constituents. They demand the same level of service and connectivity from municipalities as from commercial companies. They have access to increasingly diverse technologies, and they want to use them to interact with you - whenever necessary.

But your internal rate of change has not always kept abreast of external conditions that drive your stakeholders. Your delivery concerns are compounded by a historical lack of skills, resources, funding and time. The cost and complexity of achieving inside/outside cohesion can be prohibitive.

We are living through massive digital shifts. You use technology to run internal operations, but people today expect a connected journey that joins them to your internal- and external-facing systems. They want a holistic customer experience – wherever they are. You must build cohesive digital assets and channels to provide citizens, employees, and partners with connected experiences that drive your future business model. To lead bravely in this new world, you need a partner who provides a solid foundation from where you create, mobilise and package your commercial services.


Connect Your Inside to the Outside

By implementing an existing digital services platform, you have access to digital engineering capabilities that build value chains to connect your inside to the outside, effectively. You build and run connected digital ecosystems rapidly, at previously unavailable speed, quality and cost efficiency.

You deliver rich mobile applications and services to citizens quickly. The way you connect data, processes and people is simplified - to you and your stakeholders’ benefit. Now they enjoy exceptional digital service that is robust, scalable, and adaptable. You deliver always-on, empathetic customer experiences, choreographing interactions across socio-economic layers. Your systems and processes remain relevant to people’s needs - wherever they are in the digital world.

Because you have digitised the unique ComUnity ecosystem way, you reach your citizens on all devices quickly, efficiently, securely. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow - across all networks. You know your data is inclusive, contextual, and relevant. You respond to changing market requirements with agility, adding citizens, products, services and markets at zero-relative cost, compared to physical world business models. Your team’s drive data that helps you make faster, better decisions. You stay ahead of the curve.

And you’ve done it all with minimal risk and reduced cost. More easily than you ever imagined possible.


ComUnity Harmonises Digital Market Reach

By partnering with ComUnity, you win the race to migrate analogue applications. We choreograph your digital service experience off a single build and operational model. We provide a foundation that delivers your products and services via an always-on, real-time, information-rich interface. Our platform helps you build, operate and deliver mobile application services to all mass-market mobile devices. It uses internal and external systems, and centralised content to create unique services that help you work smarter.

Run-everywhere digital architecture means the platform provides powerful, simple-to-use technology. We built it to run on Microsoft Azure, the intelligent cloud, so you connect with people wherever and whenever they need your digitised government services. Citizens, businesses, employees, visitors, and other government organisations meet you where they are.

It's that simple.