Is ComUnity a Rapid Application Development Platform?

ComUnity is so much more. We have built a low code, rapid digitisation platform that significantly increases the speed, quality, and cost efficiency of digitising any operating model or building and running sophisticated digital products. ComUnity connects data, choreographs digital operations, builds and manages wrap-around consumer application experiences that run on every type of consumer device and digital channel. ComUnity builds and runs digital ecosystems.

How can I buy from community?

1. Through the Azure Marketplace

  • ComUnity Citizen Engagement Platform here
  • ComUnity Rapid Digitisation Platform here

2. Through your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)

3. Through one of our trusted reseller or implementation partners

Note: we have opened up the power of the ComUnity Platform for selected developers to experience the future of building digital systems. You can register here

Our organisation needs to commit to a digital transformation program. We are starting to understand the astronomical costs and complexity of doing this well. How can ComUnity help us?

ComUnity will significantly increase the speed, quality, and cost-efficiency of your digital transformation initiatives. The ComUnity platform automates vast tracts of your end-to-end digital value chains. This exponentially reduces the size and complexity of digital build and operational teams, while reducing dependency on reams of expensive technology stacks that may not work well together.

We need to move beyond linear application experiences, towards a fully digitised business model. Is ComUnity the right platform-as-a-service for us?

You are 100% on the right track. Organisations that fail to fully digitise their business models will not be able to sustainably compete. Customers expect wrap-around services that puts them at the centre of your business model, seamlessly connecting data, processes, and people into beautiful and choreographed experiences whenever they need you to be relevant to them.


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