Public Sector

Public Sector organisations are rapidly embracing digital transformation to engage and service citizens and other key stakeholders effectively through broadly available consumer devices. The challenge you face is that Digital Transformation programmes can be very complex, time consuming and costly. There are long, potentially treacherous, learning curves for government leaders and civil servants.

Citizens, suppliers, partners and employees expect a world-class digital experience like the ones we experience from Apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb and other such companies. However, government organisations do not have access to rare engineering skill-sets, resources and funding that have been available to these Silicon Valley giants for decades.

At the same time, government organisations must service people across all socio-economic groups on any consumer technology to which they have access. You need to transform quickly and increase your reach, relevance, speed, quality, agility, manageability and the cost efficiency of your digital programmes.



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ComUnity's Citizen Engagement Platform provides you with a Microsoft Azure based Platform-as-a-Service that automates digital transformation of government workflows and processes. We reduce the time and cost for you to digitally transform.

We connect government services securely with stakeholders over any consumer device. We are confident of this because of the successful rollout of the Citizen Engagement Platform at dozens of local and provincial government organisations. We help you digitise and deliver municipal processes and workflows for inclusive government-to-citizen services in these key areas:

- Citizen communications and active citizenry

- Service Delivery and Provisioning

- Revenue Assurance and Collection

- Socio-economic Development


A Digital Future Now

Whether you know it or not, digitisation is already revolutionising the public sector. Managing and succeeding in this rapidly evolving environment is vital to your organisation’s future.

To remain relevant, you know you must digitally transform your organisation. People drive an ever-increasing demand for value and instant fulfilment. They are socially empowered and perpetually connected to a digital world.

The external rate of digital advancements is outpacing your internal rate of organisational change. Outside influences lead the charge of change. Delivering synchronised digital ecosystems is complex and expensive. Using outdated, status quo tools is simply not scalable.

Traditional IT methodologies and structures are moving cumbersomely and not bridging the gap into the future. You may lack the in-house skills and resources to transform successfully in the shortest time available.

At the same time, you need to reduce your cost of operations, stimulate core revenue and build new revenue streams.


Data-Driven Digital Service Delivery

To be successful, public sector leaders must deliver in three crucial categories.

1. Service Delivery: Your citizens need to be able to communicate with you at all times. Your services should be available to them ubiquitously across all mobile devices. Residents want to view account information easily to avoid the time and cost of visiting your offices or calling your call centre. They want to be able to manage their municipal accounts, post jobs and tender bulletins, read pertinent news updates, receive information on electricity and water issues, and report faults at the touch of a button.

2. Government management: Governments have to offer operational excellence through efficient revenue collection and management, and full public participation in process and strategy. It’s all about public service. Always.

3. Socio-economic outcomes: As part of your obligations to citizenry, positive socio-economic outcomes must be woven into the fabric of municipal service delivery. Your people deserve efficient, effective provision of health services, employment and education within a safe, optimum environment.