Application Services

The Application Services provide a set of capabilities which support application-related activities, and comprise of:

• Application Logistics Manager: a next-generation delivery platform that deals with the packaging, distribution, delivery, and management of omnichannel applications.
• Application Content Manager: a set of services which manage the real-time metadata and content-related capabilities of the application platform.


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Application Logistics Manager

The ComUnity Platform includes a number of capabilities which support the distribution, management, and operation of complex omnichannel application ecosystems. These include a sophisticated distribution system, processes to automate delivery and updates of native applications and capabilities to control delivery of application metadata packages. Binary Verification Service Client applications automatically check for new binary executables when they come to the foreground. The client interacts with this service when performing the binary executable version check and this may result in a message prompting the user to download a new version. Application Delivery Service When applications are built with the Platform Developer Toolkit they are stored in the application repository. Delivering an application includes the application’s form definitions, navigation hierarchy, styling information and graphical assets. The Application Delivery Server detects the incoming device, determines the options available for the user to experience the application functionality and renders the appropriate UI for the user to make the choice. This allows the developer to design once, yet ensures applications will be rendered accurately, quickly and with minimal errors across a number of target devices and platforms. Distribution System The system can push application links to users by sending encoded personalised links via SMS or email, and can also pull users by publishing encoded links on the Web, Facebook, etc. The links direct the users to the ComUnity Platform where the Distribution System automatically detects the most appropriate client runtime for the user. If an appropriate runtime cannot be found, the user is redirected to the appropriate web application. Personalised links are decoded, and the download log updated with the user’s identity and the distribution campaign. When a user reacts to a push link, the system knows who the incoming user is, what application is requested, and on which campaign the user is reacting. When a user reacts to a pull link, the system knows which published link was clicked on and which application is targeted, but the user remains unidentified until login time.


Application Content Manager

The Application Content Manager responds to requests originating from the Routing component of the Platform Core. If the request is for media, the core will hand it off to the Media Manager. If the request is for application-related metadata, then the Metamodel Manager will deliver the combined metamodel to the client.

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