Communication Services

Communication Services are responsible for controlling all communication channels including telecommunications protocols, internet-based communication, social media, and application messaging. Such capabilities allow for the choreography and management of complex cross-channel message flows which characterise the modern digital customer journey.

The Communication Delivery Manager abstracts the underlying communication channels from the delivery processes and allows for the implementation of generic notification patterns based on:
• user profile: who are they, what communities do they belong to, what communication preferences have been configured etc.
• posture: available channels, device, operating system, security clearance, etc.
• policies: severity, failover, re-tries etc.

  • The Communication Delivery Manager can coordinate and correlate messages which may be outbound only, inbound only, or 2-way. In addition, various communication patterns are supported such as:
  • Fan Out: a single message is created and pushed out to all subscribers on single
    channel (e.g. SMS)
  • Preferred Device: messages are delivered based on user profile, available channels and/or policies.
    Auto Fall-back: if message delivery fails on one channel, a retry will be attempted on another channel.

A developer would use the Platform Developer Toolkit to implement design-time services which leverage the Communication Delivery Manager using common communication services. For example, a particular design-time process may call a “Notify” method while the run-time process would leverage the Communication Delivery Manager to choose the appropriate delivery channel/s and communication pattern based on configuration policies.

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