Management Services

Management Services Components:

The management, control, and coordination of all Digital Platform tasks are facilitated within the Management Services layer. This includes back-office tasks such as managing users, building out digital campaigns and gaining insights into the digital ecosystem via analytics dashboards.

User Profile

The configuration of the User Profile, and management of the various authentication and authorisation parameters, lies at the heart of the ComUnity Platform. The platform consists of a core user profile which may be extended in individual projects to enhance user-related functionality. In addition to controlling server-side permissions, the user profile component is used to manage client-side UI rendering and navigation capabilities.


Various user-based, cross-channel digital message flows may be controlled via the Campaign Manager. This capability allows targeting of the appropriate audience through communication channels, applications and social media. The Campaign Manager includes content authoring, customer journey mapping, and flexible scheduling.


Many of the application and communication features of the platform are managed via the Communities component. A user may be configured as a member of one or more communities, which will in turn control access to targeted information, campaigns and application functionality. Communities may include geographic segmentation (e.g. city or suburb) or any other measures such as group-related affiliations, organisational memberships, and hierarchies.


The ComUnity Analytics captures application usage patterns, user preferences, community-based platform utilisation and communication strategies, allowing for the rapid derivation of insights based on underlying digital data.

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