Digital Activations

Building new digital services won’t improve your business model if your audiences don’t convert from existing channels to digital channels. They need awareness and a motivation to change. That doesn’t always come easy. Yet it is in your best interest to convert your users to improve customer experiences, cost of service, and return on your digital investment.

ComUnity now offers our Digital Activation service to actively encourage users to download and use your app or digital service. This marketing and communications program ensures that our clients achieve the most out of digital transformation programs. Our programs include:

  1. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more advertising
  2. Google advertising – location based (I’m not recommending a large investment in this – Facebook is our friend here)
  3. App Store Advertising
  4. Viral campaigns through the ComUnity platform
  5. Experiential marketing: Engagement out in the real (non-digital) in your customers’ environment to raise awareness and show people how your service works
  6. Focus Groups for user feedback


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